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TestFixture Class Reference
[Writing test fixture]

Wraps a test case with setUp and tearDown methods. More...

#include <TestFixture.h>

Inheritance diagram for TestFixture:

TestCase Orthodox< ClassUnderTest > TestCaller< Fixture > TestCaseDecorator ExceptionTestCaseDecorator< ExpectedException > List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TestFixture ()
virtual void setUp ()
 Set up context before running a test.

virtual void tearDown ()
 Clean up after the test run.

Detailed Description

Wraps a test case with setUp and tearDown methods.

A TestFixture is used to provide a common environment for a set of test cases.

To define a test fixture, do the following:

Each test runs in its own fixture so there can be no side effects among test runs. Here is an example:

class MathTest : public CppUnit::TestFixture { protected: int m_value1, m_value2; public: MathTest() {} void setUp () { m_value1 = 2; m_value2 = 3; } }

For each test implement a method which interacts with the fixture. Verify the expected results with assertions specified by calling CPPUNIT_ASSERT on the expression you want to test:

public: void testAdd () { int result = m_value1 + m_value2; CPPUNIT_ASSERT( result == 5 ); }

Once the methods are defined you can run them. To do this, use a TestCaller.

CppUnit::Test *test = new CppUnit::TestCaller<MathTest>( "testAdd", &MathTest::testAdd ); test->run();

The tests to be run can be collected into a TestSuite.

public: static CppUnit::TestSuite *MathTest::suite () { CppUnit::TestSuite *suiteOfTests = new CppUnit::TestSuite; suiteOfTests->addTest(new CppUnit::TestCaller<MathTest>( "testAdd", &MathTest::testAdd)); suiteOfTests->addTest(new CppUnit::TestCaller<MathTest>( "testDivideByZero", &MathTest::testDivideByZero)); return suiteOfTests; }

A set of macros have been created for convenience. They are located in HelperMacros.h.

See also:
TestResult, TestSuite, TestCaller,



Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual TestFixture::~TestFixture  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void TestFixture::setUp  )  [inline, virtual]

Set up context before running a test.

Reimplemented in TestCaseDecorator, and TestCaller< Fixture >.

virtual void TestFixture::tearDown  )  [inline, virtual]

Clean up after the test run.

Reimplemented in TestCaseDecorator, and TestCaller< Fixture >.

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