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TextTestRunner Class Reference
[Writing test resultExecuting test]

A text mode test runner. More...

#include <TextTestRunner.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TextTestRunner (Outputter *outputter=NULL)
virtual ~TextTestRunner ()
bool run (std::string testPath="", bool doWait=false, bool doPrintResult=true, bool doPrintProgress=true)
void setOutputter (Outputter *outputter)
TestResultCollectorresult () const
TestResulteventManager () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void wait (bool doWait)
virtual void printResult (bool doPrintResult)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

A text mode test runner.

The test runner manage the life cycle of the added tests.

The test runner can run only one of the added tests or all the tests.

TestRunner prints out a trace as the tests are executed followed by a summary at the end. The trace and summary print are optional.

Here is an example of use:

 CppUnit::TextTestRunner runner;
 runner.addTest( ExampleTestCase::suite() );
 runner.run( "", true );    // Run all tests and wait

The trace is printed using a TextTestProgressListener. The summary is printed using a TextOutputter.

You can specify an alternate Outputter at construction or later with setOutputter().

After construction, you can register additional TestListener to eventManager(), for a custom progress trace, for example.

 CppUnit::TextTestRunner runner;
 runner.addTest( ExampleTestCase::suite() );
 runner.setOutputter( CppUnit::CompilerOutputter::defaultOutputter( 
                          std::cerr ) );
 MyCustomProgressTestListener progress;
 runner.eventManager().addListener( &progress );
 runner.run( "", true );    // Run all tests and wait

See also:
CompilerOutputter, XmlOutputter, TextOutputter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPPUNIT_NS_BEGIN TextTestRunner::TextTestRunner Outputter outputter = NULL  ) 

Constructs a new text runner.

outputter used to print text result. Owned by the runner.

TextTestRunner::~TextTestRunner  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

TestResult & TextTestRunner::eventManager  )  const

Returns the event manager. The instance of TestResult results returned is the one that is used to run the test. Use this to register additional TestListener before running the tests.

void TextTestRunner::printResult bool  doPrintResult  )  [protected, virtual]

TestResultCollector & TextTestRunner::result  )  const

Returns the result of the test run. Use this after calling run() to access the result of the test run.

bool TextTestRunner::run std::string  testName = "",
bool  doWait = false,
bool  doPrintResult = true,
bool  doPrintProgress = true

Runs the named test case.

testName Name of the test case to run. If an empty is given, then all added tests are run. The name can be the name of any test in the hierarchy.
doWait if true then the user must press the RETURN key before the run() method exit.
doPrintResult if true (default) then the test result are printed on the standard output.
doPrintProgress if true (default) then TextTestProgressListener is used to show the progress.
true is the test was successful, false if the test failed or was not found.

void TextTestRunner::setOutputter Outputter outputter  ) 

Specifies an alternate outputter.

Notes that the outputter will be use after the test run only if printResult was true.

outputter New outputter to use. The previous outputter is destroyed. The TextTestRunner assumes ownership of the outputter.
See also:
CompilerOutputter, XmlOutputter, TextOutputter.

void TextTestRunner::wait bool  doWait  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

TestResult* TextTestRunner::m_eventManager [protected]

Outputter* TextTestRunner::m_outputter [protected]

TestResultCollector* TextTestRunner::m_result [protected]

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