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CppUnit Documentation

Version 1.10.2


The first port of JUnit to C++ was done by Michael Feathers. His versions can be found on the XProgramming software page. They are os-specific, so Jerome Lacoste provided a port to Unix/Solaris. His version can be found on the same page. The CppUnit project has combined and built on this work.


Take a look into the CppUnit Cookbook. It gives a quick start into using this testing framework. Modules give you a organized view of CppUnit classes.

(Notes to newbies, you may want to check out Money, a step by step example, a work in progress, but the project is provided with CppUnit).

For a discussion on CppUnit, check the WikiWiki Pages on CppUnit. There you can also find the original versions and various ports to other OSses and languages.


This library is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Eric Sommerlade (sommerlade@gmx.net)

Michael Feathers (mfeathers@objectmentor.com)

Jerome Lacoste (lacostej@altern.org)

Baptiste Lepilleur <gaiacrtn@free.fr>

Bastiaan Bakker <bastiaan.bakker@lifeline.nl>

Steve Robbins <smr99@sourceforge.net>

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