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CppUnit Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AdditionalMessageAn additional Message for assertions
AsserterA set of functions to help writing assertion macros
assertion_traits< T >Traits used by CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL()
AutoRegisterRegistry(Implementation) Automatically adds a registry into another registry
AutoRegisterSuite< TestCaseType >(Implementation) Automatically register the test suite of the specified type
BriefTestProgressListenerTestListener that prints the name of each test before running it
CompilerOutputterOutputs a TestResultCollector in a compiler compatible format
ConcretTestFixtureFactory< TestFixtureType >Concret TestFixture factory (Implementation)
CppUnitTestPlugInTest plug-in interface
DefaultProtectorDefault protector that catch all exceptions (Implementation)
DynamicLibraryManagerManages dynamic libraries
DynamicLibraryManagerExceptionException thrown by DynamicLibraryManager when a failure occurs
ExceptionExceptions thrown by failed assertions
ExceptionTestCaseDecorator< ExpectedException >Expected exception test case decorator
MessageMessage associated to an Exception
MfcTestRunnerMFC test runner
Orthodox< ClassUnderTest >
OutputterAbstract outputter to print test result summary
PlugInManagerManges TestPlugIn
PlugInManager::PlugInInfo(INTERNAL) Information about a specific plug-in
PlugInParametersTest plug-ins parameters
ProtectorProtects one or more test case run
ProtectorChainProtector chain (Implementation). Implementation detail
ProtectorContextProtector context (Implementation). Implementation detail
ProtectorGuardScoped protector push to TestResult
QtTestRunnerQT test runner
RepeatedTestDecorator that runs a test repeatedly
SourceLineRepresents a source line location
StringToolsTool functions to manipulate string
SynchronizedObjectBase class for synchronized object
SynchronizedObject::ExclusiveZoneLocks a synchronization object in the current scope
SynchronizedObject::SynchronizationObjectAbstract synchronization object (mutex)
TestBase class for all test objects
TestCaller< Fixture >Generate a test case from a fixture method
TestCaseA single test object
TestCaseDecoratorDecorator for Test cases
TestCaseMethodFunctorFunctor to call test case method (Implementation)
TestCompositeA Composite of Tests
TestDecoratorDecorator for Tests
TestFactoryAbstract Test factory
TestFactoryRegistryRegistry for TestFactory
TestFactoryRegistryList(INTERNAL) List of all TestFactoryRegistry
TestFailureRecord of a failed Test execution
TestFixtureWraps a test case with setUp and tearDown methods
TestFixtureFactoryAbstract TestFixture factory (Implementation)
TestLeafA single test object
TestListenerListener for test progress and result
TestNamerNames a test or a fixture suite
TestPathA List of Test representing a path to access a Test
TestPlugInDefaultImplDefault implementation of test plug-in interface
TestPlugInInterfaceAbstract TestPlugIn for DLL
TestResultManages TestListener
TestResultCollectorCollects test result
TestRunnerGeneric test runner
TestRunner::WrappingSuite(INTERNAL) Mutating test suite
TestSetUpDecorates a test by providing a specific setUp() and tearDown()
TestSuccessListenerTestListener that checks if any test case failed
TestSuiteA Composite of Tests
TestSuiteBuilderContext< Fixture >Type-sage context used when creating test suite in HelperMacros
TestSuiteBuilderContextBaseContext used when creating test suite in HelperMacros
TestSuiteFactory< TestCaseType >TestFactory for TestFixture that implements a static suite() method
TextOutputterPrints a TestResultCollector to a text stream
TextTestProgressListenerTestListener that show the status of each TestCase test result
TextTestResultHolds printable test result (DEPRECATED)
TextTestRunnerA text mode test runner
XmlDocumentA XML Document
XmlElementA XML Element
XmlOutputterOutputs a TestResultCollector in XML format
XmlOutputterHookHook to customize Xml output

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